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Rules & Regulations

The MJR school rules and regulations serve to protect the well-being and foster good discipline in all students. To create a safe and conducive learning environment, all students have to abide by the rules and regulations. Every teacher plays a part in overseeing the discipline of students and every student has to bear responsibility for his/her behaviour and actions. In the choices students make with regard to their behaviour and actions, they have to face consequences when the rules and regulations are not observed. We believe self-discipline is essential to character building and it starts with students having high expectations of themselves and in taking personal responsibility in the following ways:

  • I am responsible for my behaviour and actions. If I choose to behave and/or act in unacceptable ways, I must accept the consequences.
  • I am responsible for my learning. No one can learn for me.
  • I am responsible for treating others with respect and for showing care and consideration in my interactions with others. I am responsible for contributing positively in what I do in the class, school and community.
  • I am responsible for contributing to the cleanliness of my class, school and community and for treating school property with care.

School Assembly and Attendance

All students must stand at attention for the flag-raising ceremony and accord the occasion with dignity and respect. All students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

  • All students must sing the School Song with pride and respect.
  • All students must be seated at the assembly venue by 0740 hrs for flag raising.
  • Students not present at the assembly venue will be considered late for school. The Discipline Committee will issue them a latecomer’s slip which must be presented to the teacher in class. Recalcitrant latecomers will face consequences.
  • Students must attend school, remedial lessons, CCAs and other school activities punctually and regularly.
  • Any student returning to school during the school holidays / study break for coursework or consultations must be in school uniform or P.E. t-shirt with school pants / culottes and school shoes.
  • Absence from school or any school activities must be substantiated by a medical certificate or relevant official document.
  • Permission to leave school early may be granted for special cases. Permission must be obtained from the Principal or the Vice-Principal.
  • Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading will commence after the flag raising. All students must have their reading materials to do their silent reading.

Movement from point to point

  • When moving as a class, students must proceed in a single file or double file and walk quietly in an orderly manner.

    Classroom Conduct & Academic Discipline

    • Students must stand up to greet the teacher before the lesson and thank him/her after each lesson.
    • Students are to get ready for each lesson with relevant learning materials on their desks at the start of each lesson.
    • Students should be attentive, co-operative and responsive during lessons.
    • Students must complete and submit all assignments on time, neatly done.
    • Students must seek permission from the teacher if they need to leave the classroom and carry a permission pass with them.

    Maintaining a Conducive Classroom Environment

    • The classroom must be kept clean, neat and tidy at all times.
    • No consumption of food or sugary drinks - soft drinks and cordials, fruit drinks, flavoured mineral or vitamin water, energy and sports drinks, is allowed in the classroom
    • Students are to refill their water bottles only during recess or lunch break.
    • Students must avoid behaviours or actions that are disruptive to teaching and learning.

    Demonstrating Responsible Behaviour

    • Students must perform their assigned classroom duties diligently.
    • Students must ensure that all lights, fans and any other electrical equipment are switched off when they leave any room after having used it.
    • Students are to consume food and sugary drinks in the canteen.
    • Students are to return utensils to the collection bins after meals in the canteen.
    • Students must take full responsibility for the safe-keeping of their mobile phones, electronic gadgets and other valuables.
    • Students can only use their mobile phones or electronic gadgets in the canteen and other designated areas during stipulated timings which are  during recess and at the end of school day. They are to be switched off, kept out of sight and placed in the school bag during lesson time.
    • All school bags are to be placed on the floor.
    • All students are not allowed to have any weapons, weapon replicas or weapon-like items in their possession which can be used to cause harm to others.
    • No images or media recordings may be taken of school activities, lessons or programmes unless it is by authorised persons for purposes of official school print and media publications.


    Any student who violates the school rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance to the severity of the offence.



    Category A – Minor

    • Late coming
    • Improper attire and grooming
    • Loitering
    • Leaving class without permission
    • Eating in the classroom
    • Littering
    • Not bringing books for lessons
    • Failure to hand in assignments
    • Failure to perform class duties
    • Bringing food and sugary drinks out of the canteen
    • Failure to return utensils after eating in canteen
    • Charging of mobile phones/ electronic gadgets
    • Infringement in use of mobile phones / electronic gadgets

    • Counselling
    • Verbal / Written Warning
    • Learning Reflection Class
    • Corrective Work Order
    • Retention of Items - parents may be required to collect mobile phones retained.
    • The school reserves the right to ban students from possessing and using mobile phones for recalcitrant offenders.
    • And any other consequences which the school deems appropriate.

    Category B – Major

    • Repeatedly committing minor offences
    • Skipping classes
    • Truancy. Absent from school without valid reason
    • Leaving school grounds without permission
    • Forgery
    • Stealing
    • Vandalism
    • Gambling
    • Dishonesty / cheating
    • Misuse of Social Media
    • Instigating, inciting others to commit offences
    • Use of rude, insulting, abusive, vulgar language
    • Open defiance to school authority
    • Bullying, threatening, fighting, assaulting
    • Gangsterism, extortion
    • Possession of pornographic materials
    • Possession / consumption of tobacco products or alcohol
    • Possession of weapons, weapon replicas or weapon-like items
    • Committing offences outside school police case

    • Compensation
    • Involvement of Parents/ Guardian
    • Corporal punishment (for boys only)
    • In-school suspension
    • Home suspension
    • Expulsion
    • Involvement of Police and/or
    • Any other consequences which the school deems appropriate.


    School Uniform, P.E. & CCA Attire

    • Students must wear the prescribed school uniform. No modification to the school uniform is allowed.
    • The school uniform must be worn neatly and smartly.
    • The shirt/blouse/t-shirt must be fully tucked in at the waist at all times.
    • The shorts/pants/culottes are worn at waist-level. Culottes are to be of knee length.
    • The school P.E. t-shirt and shorts must be worn for P.E. lessons. Students must change into their school uniforms at the end of the P.E. lesson.
    • CCA attire can only be worn during CCA time and at specified school activities.
    • Coloured contact lens and tinted glasses are not permitted.
    • Shoes are to be white. Students with a medical condition for their feet must seek permission to wear alternative footwear.
    • Socks are to be white (or MJR socks) and they cover the ankle bone.
    • Mask must be worn at all time. (Only solid coloured masks allowed)

    Student in prescribed school uniform




    • Hair must be kept neat. The fringe of the hair should be above the eyebrow.
    • Girls with shoulder length or long hair must tie it up with black or dark blue hair bands or hair clips.
    • Dyeing/highlighting of hair and/or fanciful hairstyle are not permitted.
    • Make-up is not permitted.
    • Nails are to be kept short and clean. Nail polish is not permitted on nails.
    • Wearing of rings, necklaces or pieces of jewellery of any kind is not permitted.
    • Henna painting is not allowed on any part of the body.
    • Body piercing of any form or body art is not allowed except for one piercing for a pair of simple, identical ear studs. Those with visible body art are required to have them removed.

    • Face must be clean-shaven and free of facial hair.
    • Hair must be kept short, neat and well combed .It should not touch the eyebrows, ears or collar.
    • Dyeing/highlighting of hair and /or fanciful hairstyle are not permitted.
    • Nails are to be kept short and clean.
    • Wearing of ear-sticks, rings, necklaces or pieces of jewellery of any kind is not permitted.
    • Henna painting is not allowed on any part of the body.
    • Body piercing of any form or body art is not allowed. Those with visible body art are required to have them removed.