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Rules & Regulations

The school rules and regulations serve to protect the well-being of all students in attendance.The most important commitment in MJR is that every student agrees to take responsibility for his/her actions in accordance to the following principles:

  • I am responsible for my behaviour. If I choose to behave poorly, I must accept the consequences

  • I am responsible for my learning. No one can learn for me.

  • I am responsible for treating all persons with respect and consideration

  • I am responsible for contributing positively to my classroom and my school

  • I am responsible for the environment – for keeping it clean and treating it with care because others are entitled to enjoy it as well.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Students must be seated in the Assembly Venue before 0730 hrs. Assembly will be held in the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) on Mondays to Thursdays and at the Parade Square on Fridays.

  • Latecomers will be issued with a late comer’s slip which must be presented to the teacher present in class

  • Students must attend School, remedial lessons, CCA and other school activities punctually and regularly.

  • Absence from school or any school activities must be substantiated by a medical certificate or relevant official document

  • Permission to leave school early may be granted for special cases. Permission must be obtained from the principle, the vice principle or Head of Department (Discipline).

Daily Assembly

  • Students must assemble punctually in an orderly manner for the flag-raising ceremony every day.

  • All students are to observe the flag-raising ceremony with dignity and respect. Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Students must take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

Attire and Grooming

  • Students will wear the prescribed school uniform. Any modification to the school uniform is not permitted.

  • The school uniform must be worn neatly and smartly at all school activities/functions.

  • School PE T-shirt and PE shorts must be worn for PE lessons. Students must change into school uniform by the end of PE lesson before attending class.

  • CCA attires can only be worn during CCA and other specified school functions.

Movement from point to point

  • When moving as a class, students must proceed in a single file – or double file and walk silently in an orderly manner.

Classroom Conduct

  • Students must stand up to greet the teacher before the lesson and thank him/her after the lesson.

  • Students should be attentive, Co-operate and responsive during lessons.

  • Students must complete and submit all assignments on time and done neatly.

  • Students must seek permission from the teacher is they need to leave the classroom and carry on permission pass with them.

Maintaining a Conducive Classroom Environment

  • The classroom must be kept neat and tidy at all times.

  • No eating and drinking are allowed in the classroom

  • Students must avoid making noise that is disruptive to teaching and learning.

Demonstrating Responsible Behaviour

  • Students must perform their assigned classroom duties diligently.

  • Students must ensure that all lights, fans and any other electrical equipment must be switched off after the use in any room.

  • Students may bring mobile phones or any non-required electronic gadgets to school subject to the following regulations:
    • Students take full responsibility for the safety of their mobile phones or / and electronic gadgets.
    • Mobile phones or electronic gadgets can only be used in the canteen and other designated areas during stipulated timings – before the start of school, during recess, after the end of school. They are to be switched off at any other time.


Any student who violates the school rules will subject to disciplinary action in accordance to the severity of the offence.

Offences Consequences
Category A - Minor
  • Latecoming

  • Improper attire and grooming

  • Loitering

  • Leaving class without permission

  • Littering

  • Eating in the classroom

  • Not bringing books for lessons

  • Failure to hand in assignments

  • Failure to perform class duties

  • Bringing food and drinks out of designated areas

  • Failure to return utensils after eating in canteen

  • Charging of mobile phones/ electronic gadgets

  • Infringement in use of mobile phones / electronic gadgets


Verbal/Written warning


Reflection class

Corrective work order

Confiscation of Items

Any other actions

deemed appropriate

Category B - Major
  • Repeatedly committing minor offences

  • Skipping classes

  • Truancy. Absent from school without MC

  • Leaving School grounds without permission

  • Forgery

  • Stealing

  • Vandalism

  • Gambling

  • Dishonesty

  • Misuse of Social Media

  • Instigating / inciting others to commit offences

  • Use of rude, abusive / vulgar language

  • Open defiance to school authority

  • Bullying/ threatening /fighting / assaulting

  • Gangsterism / extortion

  • Possession of pornographic materials

  • Possession/consumptionof tobacco products or alcohol

  • Possession of weapons or dangerous objects

  • Committing offences outside school – Police case


Parental Involvement

Corporal punishment

(for boys only)

In-house suspension

Home suspension


Police assistance

Any other actions

deemed appropriate

School Uniform

  • Students will wear the prescribed school uniform. Any modification to the school uniform is not permitted.

  • Shirt / blouse / t-shirt must be fully tucked in at waist.

  • Shorts/pants/culottes are to be worn at the waist. Culottes are to be of knee length.

  • Coloured contact lens and tinted glasses are not permitted.

  • Shoes are to be white. Students with medical condition must seek permission to wear alternative footwear.

  • Socks are to be white ( or MJR socks) and cover the ankle bone.

Student in prescribed school uniform


Hair and Face

  • Hair must be kept neat. The fringe of the hair should be above the eyebrow.

  • Girls with Shoulder length or Long hair must tie up with black or dark blue hair bands or hair clips.

  • Dyeing / highlighting of hair and / or inappropriate hairstyle are not permitted.

  • Make-up is not permitted.

Nails and jewellery

  • Nails are to be kept short and clean. Nail polish is not permitted.

  • Earing are simple and identical, with only one on each earlobe.

  • Rings, necklace or jewellery of any kind are not permitted.


Hair and face

  • Face must be clean-shaven and free of facila hair
  • Hair must be kept short, neat and well-combed. It should not touch the eyebrows, ears or collar.
  • Dyeing/ highlighting of hair and/ or inappropriate hairstyle are not permitted.

Nails and Jewellery

  • Nails are to be kept short and clean.
  • Ear-sticks, rings, necklace or jewellery of any kind are not permitted.