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PDPA in Publications

Manjusri Secondary seeks to provide rich and meaningful learning experiences for  our students through various activities. It is the practice of the school to document these events with photographs and videos, which are published on our official media platforms (both online and in hard copy) - such as our website, school magazine, official social media accounts and publicity materials - as well as on posters and banners within our premises.

Photographs or videos, which feature your child/ward, may therefore appear in the public domain. We wish to assure you that we will always portray our students with respect and dignity.

If you are not comfortable with the school on the use of the said materials, please write in to the school at manjusri_ss@moe.edu.sg. Where possible, the school will be most happy to remove them within 2 weeks of notification. Do indicate in your email the source where you have seen it.