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NEU PC Plus & Home Access


The NEU PC Plus Programme offers students from low-income households or person with disabilities the opportunity to own a brand new computer at an affordable price. The PC-Bundle scheme provides a two tier subsidy. Successful applicants can purchase a computer with free software and 3 years of free subscription to broadband services.

Who can apply?

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Has a permanent disability OR is a full-time student (aged 25 and below) in a Government/Government-Aided School, Junior College, Centralised Institute, Independent School, Specialised Independent School, Specialised School, Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnic or MOE-funded Special Education School
  • Gross monthly household income not exceeding $3,400 or per capita income not exceeding $900 ($1,125 if there is a permanently disabled household member)
Full-time students (aged 25 and below) who are unable to co-pay for their PC-Bundle can apply for financial assistance under iNSPIRE Fund.

How to apply?

Students who wish to apply for the scheme can obtain the application form from the school's General Office or download a copy of the Application Form below. All application forms must be submitted together with the relevant documents to the school's General Office. 

PC-Bundle Application Form version 12.3 (2 Sep 2020)

PC-Bundle Application Form for MOE-FAS / SPED-FAS recipients version 5.3 (2 Sep 2020)

Fibre Broadband Service

Mobile Broadband Service (only for the COVID-19 period)

For details about the NEU PC Plus programme, please visit https://www.imda.gov.sg/programme-listing/neu-pc-plus or contact Tel: 6377 3800. 

Home Access 

Home Access provides eligible Singaporean families with 2 years of subsidised fibre broadband connectivity. Application for home broadband can be made through IMDA Home Access programme at https://www.imda.gov.sg/programme-listing/home-access