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Home-School Partnership

Manjusri Secondary School is committed to build a positive partnership with parents in order to develop students with a sense of self-management, responsibility and excellence to prepare them to be passionate learners and compassionate leaders who are future ready.   We hope the following guidelines provide greater clarity on how we can work hand-in-hand to help our children/students have ownership over their learning, develop a sense of purpose and success in life.   

 1. To instill personal responsibility and independence in our children/ students, teachers will communicate directly with them on matters pertaining to school work/ CCA, e.g. homework to be done, materials to be brought to school etc. We encourage parents to check in with your child/ ward on these, and have them seek assistance directly from teachers if necessary.  
2. Parents will be kept informed of school events and student attendance, HBL days etc. via notices sent out through Parents Gateway. Teachers may also get in touch with you to discuss support for or well-being of your child/ward. If there is a need, parents may use the following channels to reach teachers:  
 ·       School General Office: 6842 4558
 ·       School Email: manjusri_ss@moe.edu.sg
 ·       Specific Teacher’s Email that can be found at:

 You may also check with your child’s/ward’s teacher on the best way to contact him/her.  
3. Teachers will generally be contactable during the timings stipulated below:  

During School Term

During School Holidays

Weekdays 7.30 am to 5.30 pm, excluding public holidays.

You may contact or leave a message during the hours stated above via telephone or email.  *Please allow teachers some time to respond because they may be having lessons/ meetings/ CCAs/attending to students; or be out of school

You may call the General Office during weekday hours (from 8 am – 5 pm); or email the school with your query.

 *Teachers are provided protected time during school holidays for them to rest and recharge. Please refrain from contacting them during the holidays unless it is for vital & urgent matters concerning the student.

 4. The school will endeavour to respond to your inquiry within a day or two for straightforward matters.  Queries that require checking or further investigation may take longer (3- 5 working days).   We would appreciate your understanding that there may be a delay should the teacher be away on leave.  

 5. Appointments to meet with teachers should preferably be made at least three days in advance during the school term. Parents may call the General Office, email the school, or contact the teacher directly to make the appointment.  

 6. The school looks forward to a productive partnership with parents.  Nevertheless, it is important to know that all Civil Servants are protected under the Protection from Harassment Act (PoHA); and the school reserves the right not to engage with individuals who are disrespectful, rude or abusive to our staff.   For details, please refer to https://sso.agc.gov.sg/Act/PHA2014.