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Reading for Literacy Programme

What is RLP @ MJR?

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Reading Literacy Programme in Manjusri Secondary School aims to promote the love for reading and cultivate good reading habits among students. This school-wide programme advocates the importance of reading for life.

In Read@MJR, the programme focuses on introducing reading initiatives within certain subjects or curriculum, collaborating with other departments, key school programmes and National Library Board (NLB) for other school-wide initiatives. We believe that to build a vibrant culture of reading and a community of readers, the focus should be on both the students and staff. Reading routines like the Silent Morning Reading during the morning assembly sets the tone for the start of the day and facilitates better learning for the day. In the Read with Me! initiative, a collaborative effort with RLP, departments like English and Mother Tongue share reading lists specific to their own subject areas with the students and Reading Ambassadors lead the way in sharing books that they love with their peers in the Teens Take Over initiative. The school believes that giving voice to the students in the programme is a significant way to encourage them to develop a love for reading.  

In Manjusri Secondary School, all students are encouraged to read and share that love for reading with all. Teachers from different departments are encouraged to share the books that they are reading with the students. In the Read with Me! initiative, key school programmes like Applied Learning Programme, Learning for Life Programme and departments like Mathematics and Science share specially chosen reading resources or books according to themes like Artificial Intelligence and the Olympics. The Media Resource Library (MRL) plays a vital role in the school’s reading programme by organising both theme-based book displays and department or subject-based displays. The Principal’s Selection in MRL – a large collection of books contributed by the Principal is another testament to the importance placed on reading by the school. In Read@MJR (Staff), teachers and all staff are given opportunities to share interesting books, reading resources and even poems with each other as teachers need to model reading in order to spark that love for reading in students.         

Our Programmes

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Read@MJR Programme

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Sharing their love for reading
Silent Reading during Morning AssemblyWorld Book Day Display 
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Celebrating World Book Day (Sharing about the books they love)Books 2 Go @MJR Read with Me! (ALP Display)