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Mindfulness and Learning Power

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Vision: Nurturing Positive Learning Dispositions Mindfully

To prepare our students for an increasingly complex, interconnected and tech-driven world, our Mindfulness and Learning Power programme aims to develop motivated, joyful and reflective (M.J.R.) learners who are future-ready and lifelong learners.

Positioned as a key driver for engaged learning and student wellbeing, our approach is to nurture positive learning dispositions by infusing Learning Power, attitudes of mindfulness and effective study strategies as a school.

The Learning Power approach is adapted from the work of Professor Guy Claxton and aims to nurture students to be effective learners through the cognitive, strategic, social and emotional aspects of learning.

Our Mindfulness and Learning Power Framework* guides us in designing teaching and learning experiences that

  • provide students with opportunities to exercise these desired learning dispositions and
  • develop teachers to bring mindful awareness into the classrooms and intentionally integrate learning power strategies in their lessons.

*Mindfulness and Learning Power Framework

Focus AreasAttitudes of mindfulness &
Learning Power dispositions
 1. Mindful Learning EnvironmentNoticing
Managing Distraction
Awareness & Attention 
 2. Positive Relationships   Kindness    Collaboration
Interdependence    Trust & Connection
  Empathy & Listening    Being non-judgemental 
3. EngagementGratitude   Absorption
       Perseverance   Motivation to Learn
  Sense of Wonder & Curiosity 
4. Culture of Thinking and Learning  Practise a growth mindset
   Planning   Capitalising
    Revising   Questioning
Making Links   Meta Learning

Our Learning Experiences

MJR SPARKS - How Are We Learning Mindfully?

Sorting Beans  Absorption.jpgEmpathy  Listening.jpg
Sorting Beans & Absorption Empathy & Listening 
Sport Stacking  Learning to Learn.jpgStudy Skills Workshop.jpg
Sport Stacking & Learning to LearnStudy Skills Workshop

Our programme will also involve our parents to provide resources so they can play a role to support their child in strengthening the adoption of learning dispositions beyond the classrooms.

Links for Parents

  • The Smiling Mind

  • Five Ways to Stop Getting Distracted 

  • Introduction to Learning Power