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Learning for Life Programme

What is LLP @ MJR?

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Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in MJR aims to provide a structured learning experience for our students to acquire knowledge and skills in the Aesthetic domain, discover their interests or strengths and foster sound values and positive attitudes that will strengthen their desire and love to learn for life. In this programme, students in Manjusri will experience and be exposed to various programmes related to Music, Art and Drama. 

Our Programmes

1. Drama Enrichment 

The Drama Enrichment develops students’ understanding and appreciation of the Literary Arts through process drama and elements of drama and performance. Students will adapt and devise, improvise and dramatise Literary texts and build on their speech and articulation, enunciation and pronunciation at the same time. More importantly, the programme will help students build their confidence while raising their appreciation for the Literary Arts.


2. Arts/ Photography Enrichment

The Arts/Photography enrichment develops students' artistic sense in capturing aspects of their life. It also exposes students to basic photography principles and develops creativity in fundamental photography. 

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3. Morning Jams @ MJR

Morning Jams @ MJR is a platform for students to showcase their talents in singing, music making and dance in performance. This allows students to perform in front of their peers in an informal setting to build up on their confidence.  

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4. Live @ MJR

Live @ MJR is a platform for the students to be exposed to various art forms through interactive assembly programmes.

Music Ensemble by Melting Pot Culture Student participation Doodle Champs Assembly
Music Ensemble by Melting Pot Culture Student participation

Doodle Champs Assembly