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Applied Learning Programme

What is ALP @ MJR?

Smart City and Assistive Technologies


As Singapore steps up its efforts towards the Smart nation initiative, we want our students to be future-ready learners, equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute towards building a sustainable, safe and secure living space for Singaporeans.

In line with our school’s mission of Developing Passionate Learners and Compassionate Leaders who are future-ready and anchored in values, we also hope to inspire our students to appreciate the humanitarian considerations when applying the Smart technologies for the elderly and less-abled.

Our Applied Learning Programme hinges upon the central idea of Motivating Learners through the design of Quality & Authentic Learning Experiences through the AIM approach, namely Design an Authentic Curriculum, Adopt school-wide ICT-enabled Pedagogy, and Create Meaningful Assessment. Our students to learn about the science of Smart technologies, and understand its application in a Smart City system. Students will be required to propose innovative ways on how the safety and security of the elderly and the less-abled can be monitored and improved.

This exemplifies the values-driven education our school undertakes to promote a keen interest in nation building in creating a more vibrant, exciting and advanced society for generations to come.

Our Programmes

The programme design focuses on nurturing a culture of experimentation, scientific inquiry and curiosity via the usage of Smart and assistive technologies to solve real world problems. Students will work in groups of 4 – 5 to acquire relevant skills in basic programming and functionality of selected sensors. 

Broad-based Learning Outcomes (AIM approach in STEM-based learning)

  • Engage and ignite the passion for Science & Technology, igniting students’ aspiration to pursue STEM related courses and careers.
  • Enrich minds through appreciation of STEM as part of their future, connecting the school, community and nation.
  • Empower students to adopt active citizenry and contribute towards a vibrant, exciting and advanced society.

Progressive Level Outcomes Progressive Level Outcomes Table

Manjusri Secondary School admits students through the Direct School Admission – Secondary Schools exercise (DSA-Sec). You may find out more from this link.

Programme Overview


Young Engineer Award (YEA) is a programme jointly developed  by Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Science Centre, Singapore. This programme is specially designed for secondary school students, with an aim to help them enhance their understanding of science and engineering. Click here for more info. 

Secondary 1 - Introduction to Smart Technologies & Microcontrollers

Developing computational thinking through Potato Pirate Card game
Discovering microcontroller (Microbits) connections and coding Appreciating the needs of the elderly or less-abled

Secondary 2 - Design Thinking In Smart City

Sharing the smart assistive technologies to the peersShowcasing innovative smart assistive technologies to school
Exploring STEM applications in the design of the F1 car

Secondary 3 and Beyond - Talent Development

STEM application in monitoring production processes at Infineon Technologies
Smart gadgets design during Advanced Elective Module in Singapore Polytechnics
Job shadowing programme with engineers at Rohde & Schwarz Asia

Our Industrial Partners

Infineon Technologies.png


Infineon Technologies is a global leader in the development of semiconductor solutions paving the way for sustainable and green energy solutions tomorrow, today.

Rohde & Schwarz Asia is an independent company featured among the world market leaders in its established business fields, extensive sales and service network.