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Manjusri Secondary School Alumni Association

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Manjusri Secondary School Alumni Association Executive Committee



Mr Loh Rong Shun, Billy

Hon General Secretary

Mr Robert Yeo

Hon Treasurer

Ms Ong Poh Suan

Hon Publicity Secretary

Mr Lui Yen Hong

Hon Social Secretary

Ms Candy Lai


Accounting Consultant

Legal Advisor

Mr Yap Soon San, Frederick
LW Ong & Associates LLP

Mr Tan Siak Hee
SH Tan & Associates

Over the years, Manjusri Secondary School has nurtured many outstanding students. As alumnus, we continue to be guided by our school motto of 智Wisdom,行Conduct,慈Benevolence,愿Aspiration. We take the lead to contribute to our society and nation as active contributors and concerned citizens. We take pride in our tenacity to overcome difficulties and strive for progress. Such are the memories and spirit that mark the distinctiveness of our alma mater.

The Manjusri Secondary School Alumni Association was formalized in 2000. Motivated by a strong sense of affiliation to their alma mater, a group of dedicated ex-students came together to conceptualize the setting up of the alumni and drafted its constitution. These pioneering students of Manjusri worked hard in unison and brought the Alumni Association to fruition.

In recognition of outstanding students who exemplify the school values, since 2004, the Alumni has been awarding a deserving student leader the “Most Outstanding Manjusrian Award" annually.  In 2019, 4 CCA Awards for Aesthetics, Uniformed Groups, Sports and Clubs have also been initiated to recognise Manjusrians for their passion for learning, dedication and leadership in the Co-Curricular Areas.  The alumni also makes an annual presentation of Teachers’ Day Gift to show appreciation and gratitude to the teachers and staff in Manjusri. In future, we look forward to organising more activities with ex-students to support the education of Manjusrians.

To all graduates of Manjusri, please connect with us through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/mjralumni or email us at contactus@mjralumni.org .

Let us come together to contribute to our alma mater in her next phase of development.

Alumni Events

Mid-Autumn Celebration 2018