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Sec 1 Posting Exercise (Dec 2017)

Manjusri Sec welcomes all students posted to the school.  There will be 4 Express, 2 Normal (Academic) and 1 Normal (Technical) classes for Sec 1 in 2018.  We are pleased to report that 80% of posted students made us their 1st choice option.  Our top feeder primary schools are Maha Bodhi School and Kong Hwa School.

The aggregate range of 2017 PSLE students posted (non-affiliated) is: Express: 188 – 228,   N(A): 157 – 195,   N(T): 109 – 149.

Our teachers look forward to working with parents in the coming year to nurture their children as passionate learners and compassionate leaders who are future-ready and anchored in values.