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GCE N Level Exam 2018 Results

The school is pleased to announce that our N level candidates performed above projections and obtained commendable results.  78.9% of Sec 4 N(A) course students achieved 5 or more passes; with 69.4% eligible for progression to Sec 5.  The Sec 4 N(T) course showed improvement for a third year with 75.9% obtaining 5 or more passes; and 75% registering an EMB1 score of 10 points or below.


From the N(A) classes, the top performers were Goh Jun An Shane, Tan Wei Yang Nicklas, Goh Chor Shuan, Ong Heng Yu Darence and Connie Wong Kai Nee.  Ong Heng Yu Darence was also our first N(A) candidate after an interval to achieve an EMB3 aggregate of 5 (five distinctions).   Top students of the N(T) class were Tay Ren Yuan, Tan Kuan Liang, Nur’ Arshirah bte Saifudin and Lim Yan Wen. 

We congratulate all students on successfully completing their N level studies and wish them the best in their future endeavours.

All N level candidates are to register their post-secondary choices before the respective deadlines.  You may refer to these attached slides for details of the pathways (Click here)