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Post-PSLE School Visit


Families may visit Manjusri Sec after the release of PSLE results on Thu 21 November. We welcome visitors on the afternoon of the release date; and following three days (Weekday 9am - 3pm & Saturday 9am - 12.30pm). Click here to read more.

Nomination for PAT & OYEA Awards 2020


Is there a teacher you know who is inspiring? Nominate him or her here.

JAE 2020 Booklet


All graduating students, please click here to access the JAE 2020 booklet.

MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) 2019


The school congratulates the following staff who are MSEA recipients: (a) Gold award - Ho Julia; (b) Silver award – Junaidi Bin Tarjol, Ong Poh Hong & Tan Ah Lek.  We thank them for their contributions to the school.

2019 Mid-Year GCE O Level MTL Results


The school is pleased to announce that 90.2% of our S4 Express students who sat for the mid-year GCE O level Chinese Language (CL) paper obtained passes in the subject.  

Click here to read more.

GCE O Level Examination 2018 Results


The MJR community congratulates the graduating class of 2018 on achieving the best performance at the GCE O level examinations of the past five years.

Click here to read more.