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Our School

School Vision

A Vibrant Learning Community distinguished by Wisdom, Conduct, Benevolence and Aspiration

School Mission

Nurturing Manjusrians as Passionate Learners and Compassionate Leaders who are future-ready and anchored in values

School Values


School Motto

Wisdom is like a lamp emitting light in a world of darkness. Manjusri was a disciple of Vairocana Buddha and he symbolises the Light of Wisdom.
Conduct Conduct is the action that leads to the future fulfillment of one's goal in life. With wise and appropriate conduct we would not be led astray, but would achieve goals and perform our duties in a disciplined manner.
Benevolence Benevolence is sympathy and universal love for all living beings. Being one of the most important aspects of Buddhism, benevolence brings us happiness and alleviate mandkind's pain and suffering. Benevolence embraces all - regardless of age, race and capabilities.
Aspiration Aspiration refers to the strong desire to achieve something high or great. Buddhists observe the Four Aspiration, namely better conduct, self-improvement, pursuit of truth and preservation of all life.