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Our Principal's Message

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Welcome to the web-site of Manjusri Secondary School (MJR). It is our vision to be a vibrant learning community distinguished by Wisdom, Conduct, Benevolence and Aspiration.  In our mission to nurture Manjusrians as Passionate Learners and Compassionate Leaders who are future-ready and anchored in values, we seek to imbue students with Respect for self and others, Integrity in their words and actions, the spirit of Care for others; and a thirst for Excellence.

Manjusri Secondary prides itself on cultivating an orderly and supportive learning environment; and establishing positive expectations to bring out the best in our students in character development and their studies. We are committed to fostering respectful relationships and to provide opportunities for active contribution as a means of inculcating the desired virtues. Our Student Development Team and Year Head system allows us to support Form Teachers in closely monitoring the well-being of our students.

The school’s signature programmes include (1) Smart Home Technologies - introducing students through guided team projects to the innovative use of electronics, computing and design engineering to benefit the elderly or disabled at home; (2) Learning through the Arts - strengthening students’ exposure to and appreciation of various art forms (e.g. drama, guitar, digital art) as an avenue for self-expression and to develop their confidence and imagination. From 2019 onwards, we plan to award Arts scholarships to deserving students in our performing arts CCA groups; (3) Building Learning Power – cultivation of habits and dispositions so that students become better learners who can work together with peers to face challenges with resilience, resourcefulness and reflectiveness.  Our teachers are also exploring how to introduce elements of mindfulness into the curriculum.

MJR students have achieved commendable academic results at the 2017 GCE O level examinations.  93.2% of our Express course students qualified for Polytechnic courses and 70.8% were eligible to apply for ‘A’ level studies at Junior Colleges or Millennia Institute.   MJR has also done well at the GCE N level examinations with 83% of Normal (Academic) students achieving 5 subject passes; and a good proportion of students (70%) who able to progress to the Sec 5 level.

In the admission exercise for 2018 the school was posted seven classes: 4 Express, 2 Normal (Academic) and 1 Normal (Technical).   80% of our posted S1 students made MJR their first choice school.

We look forward to collaborating with parents and the community to provide a balanced all-round education for our pupils; and to ensure that they are ready for the future as morally upright resilient individuals as well as responsible contributors in society.

Sim Chong Boon