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Our History, Crest & Songs

Our History

In June 1974, the Singapore Buddhist Federation decided to set up a Buddhist secondary school on a piece of land at Sims Drive offered by the Ministry of Education. 'Manjusri' - the Bodhisattva of Great Wisdom, was chosen to be the name for the school.


In February 1976, a committee was set up to raise funds for the new school. Construction work began on 11 March 1978. The school was furnished and ready for use at the end of 1981.


The year 1982 marked the beginning of our first batch of students. On 11 March 1984, the school building was officially opened by Mr Ong Pang Boon, the then Minister for the Environment.


The school embarked on the Extension and Alteration Project in December 1996 and the project was completed in March 1999.


In 2005, the school was awarded PRIME - P rogramme for R ebuilding and IM proving E xisting schools in Ubi Avenue 1. The relocation next to Maha Bohi School will bring the two schools close for greater synergy and collaboration. Manjusri Secondary School officially shifted into the new campus on 11 November 2008. The new campus was officially opened by Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education and Second Minister for Finance, on 22 April 2010.


In 2012, the school celebrated 30 th Anniversary with a public concert put up at LASALLE, College of the Arts on 5 April. A Homecoming Dinner was held on 23 November where our 30 th Anniversary Commemorative E-book was launched by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education.

Our Crest

School Logo

The school badge has an oriental design, which consists of the letter M, standing out in bold maroon with a graceful lotus resting on it.

A thin border of pale-red defines the badge, giving it added character and uniqueness. The letter M represents "Manjusri", the name of the school. The white lotus is symbolic of the school's aim and ideal to instil in our pupils purity of thought and exemplary behaviour through Buddhism. Maroon signifies brotherhood, warmth and sincerity while pale-red denotes youthfulness and vitality.

White Lotus

Our Song

文殊师利, 智慧之光,

wén shū shī lì, zhì huì zhī guāng,


shăn yào zài qīng nían xué shēng dè xīong tăng

远离贪嗔痴, 树立道德风范, 

yuán lĭ tān chēn chī, shù lì dào dé fēng fàn,


zhí yĭn xué shēng xiàng qián fāng.

启大慈悲, 普度众生,

qĭ dà cí bēi, pŭ dù zhòng shēng

  挥智挥剑, 破除迷障。

huī zhì huī jìan, pò chú mí zhàng.

只等待雄狮奋起, 吼声震荡,

zhí dĕng dài xíong shī fèn qĭ, hóu shēng zhèn dàng,


fó tuó zhēn lĭ fàng guāng máng.


English Translation

Bodhissatva Manjusri, the Light of Wisdom

Glowing in our hearts and illuminating our minds.

Free us from greed, anger and ignorance as we strive for exemplary conduct.

Forward we move with our heads held high.

With great loving kindness and compassion, we help all sentient beings

With wisdom, we overcome all delusions.

While we wait for the Lion to stand and roar.

The Truth of the Dharma, 
The teachings of the Buddha, 
Forever shining far and bright.