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Citizenship Education

Student Leadership Development

What is Citizenship Education @ MJR?

At Manjusri, we aim to develop students who practise active citizenship and service. This is done through our programmes, such as Leadership development, national education, and values-in-action programmes.

What is Student Leadership Development @ MJR?

Student leadership development in Manjusri is guided by the vision “Manjusri Leaders: Exemplary Leaders of Compassion”. To us, being an exemplary role model forms the basis of any form of influence. To achieve this end, we adopted the Student Leadership Challenge® framework by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, where the first Leadership Challenge is aptly Model the Way. It also develops the student, whether or not he or she is in a formal position of leadership, to live an effective life through self-leadership. 

The second key element of the vision – Compassion – is derived from the Buddhist philosophy that guides the education provided in Manjusri. We believe that when a leader is thoughtful towards others, the latter will believe in and follow the wise actions of the leader.   

The school provides a three-tiered framework to develop Manjurians as effective leaders. All students learn self-leadership through CCE lessons in the curriculum. Selected students are then offered more advanced Student Leadership Challenge® training and practice through structured programmes and appointments. Class Leaders and National Education Ambassadors provide peer leadership and positive influence in their areas of work. The Prefects and the Co-Curricular Activity Leaders are developed in the higher level of organisational leadership, where they learn and practise the management of school projects and represent the school at inter-school events. 

The Prefectorial Board forms the apex of the student leadership structure in Manjusri. They are led by the Head Prefect who is voted into office through a rigorous election process, and lead the school in the areas of exemplary behaviour and school organisation.

Prefectorial Board Executive Committee 20/21



Muhammad Danish Haikal bin Sofian Head Prefect
Ong Jun Kiat Vice-Head Prefect 
Ng Zheng Hao Ian EXCO – Administration 
 Sim Zi Qi JerricaEXCO – Discipline 
 Ho Yau Chun ReginaEXCO – Training and Development 
 Eio Wei LunEXCO – Logistics 
Ho Zhe Ming EXCO – Quarters 
Cara Sim Li Xuan EXCO – Welfare 

Prefectorial Board Teachers

Mr Tan Thiam Meng Overall-in-charge
 Mdm Salina Abdul Majid2nd In-Charge 
Mr Qamarul Arifin Bin Abd Rashid 2nd In-Charge 
Mr Marcus Liew2nd In-Charge 



National Education

What is National Education (NE) @ MJR?

The National Education programme in Manjusri aims to help students craft their own Singapore Story, through cultivating citizenship dispositions of Belonging, Reality and Hope and the Will to Act. We want to show them what Singapore is about, and allow them to form their own narratives through empowering experiences. One key approach to creating the relevance and commitment is through analysis and discussion of contemporary issues that capture their interest and provide a familiar context. 

NE Events

NE Commemorative Days, namely Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day, are put together by the NE Ambassadors to help Manjusrians refresh their knowledge about key pillars that make Singapore strong as a country and reaffirm their commitment to keep Singapore strong. Student analyse and discuss contemporary issues such as SGSecure, ASEAN developments and the Covid-19 outbreak, and watch live performances and multimedia showcases that display the key takeaways of these issues. Our Secondary 3 cohort also receive their NRICs in a formal ceremony that marks a key milestone in their growing years and highlights the importance of citizenship, while our graduating classes attend a personal NSman sharing by an alumni to drive home the necessity of National Service.   

Learning Journeys 

Our students also attend learning journeys such as the Bicentennial Experience. Selected students also participate in the Singapore Model Cabinet and student conferences where they delve deeper into discussions about Singapore with students from other schools, widening their exposure to a greater variety of viewpoints.

2018 ND.JPG2019 ND.JPG2019 RHD.jpg
2019 NSman.JPG

Value-in-Action Programmes

What is Values-in-Action (VIA) @ MJR?

In line with the school motto of “Benevolence”, Manjusri aims to build a culture of care in our students.

The school implements a 4-year Values-in-Action (VIA) framework across different platforms to reinforce learning of Values, Skills and Knowledge in an authentic service learning environment.

Students participate in cohort programmes which adopt the progressive approach of caring for the school, neighbourhood and community, to develop students who actively serve the community and the environment.

  • Cohort VIA: At the respective levels, students learn about school and community needs and participate in milestone projects to address those needs. This provides rich and authentic exposure to real-life needs and issues in the community. The projects include Upcycled Pencil Case, Chinese New Year Hamper Project and Senior-Junior Career Sharing.
  • CCA-based VIA: CCAs in Manjusri adopt respective organizations where they provide a sustained service, thereby building a strong rapport with community partners to bring benefits to the beneficiaries and the environment. Some partnerships include Punggol Waterway Cleaning and Food from the Heart Packing and Sorting.
  • Student-Initiated VIA: Our Secondary 3 students develop and demonstrate their community sensitivity and leadership through a hybrid Social Studies Investigation-Values in Action project. They participate in the whole problem-solving process of needs identification, brainstorming and project planning and implementation, providing tangible solutions and support to the community and the environment. The school prefects also take part in the Friends of Singa project organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement, where they initiate activities aimed to spread kindness all around.   
Our Sec 2s distributing hampers to the elderly.JPGOur student leaders took the lead in wishing the elderly a prosperous year ahead.jpg