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Uniformed Groups

Girls Guides

The motto of Manjusri Girl Guides is “Be Prepared” as we hope our girls can be independent problem solvers who are able to think and respond promptly in everyday life situations. Manjusri Girl Guides is also part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) – working together to enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.

Our Girl Guides programmes at Manjusri has been refined to align with MOE’s 21st Century Skills and Competencies and aims to stretch our Guides to their fullest potential. Under the supervision of the guiders, our Guides plan and execute CCA trainings to fulfil a comprehensive 5-point program which covers developmental aspects such as Personal & Social Development, Home, Outdoor, Community and International. This provides our Guides with necessary experiences that will enrich their learning beyond the classroom and develop our Guides such that they are able to negotiate the challenges and obstacles that they may face in future.

Manjusri Girl Guides has attained a Gold Award in Puan Nur Aishah Award for 2019 and 2018. The Girl Guides slogan “Once a Guide, Always a Guide”. 

Training Schedule

Every Monday and Wednesday

3.15pm – 5.45pm @ Recycling corner

Our Teachers

Teachers-in-charge Email Address
 Ms Nur Atiqah Binti Abdul Fattah nur_atiqah_abdul_fattah@moe.edu.sg
Ms Amira Begum d/o Abdul Naseer  amira_begum_abdul_naseer@moe.edu.sg
 Ms Lui Yi Ling, Candicelui_yi_ling_candice@moe.edu.sg 
Our Student Leaders
Name Position
Nur Umairah Binte Mohamad Razim  Company Leader
Noor Nabila Binte Gazali Assistant Company Leader
Lim En Xin ShireenQuarter Mistress 
 Reva Putriani Nurazizah Binte Mohamed KhermiAssistant Quarter Mistress 

Nerissa Tan Lui Rong (Sunflower)

Yeo Ga Yan (Yang Jia Yuan) (Jasmine)

Seah You En (Morning Glory)

Aniqah Shafyrah Binte Zainal (Hibiscus)

Patrol Leaders

Ong Yanzhi (Sunflower)

Geraldine See Yu Tong (Jasmine)

Nur Istifar Binte Abdullah (Morning Glory)

Qistina Yushini Puteri Shaiful Hermi (Hibiscus)

Patrol Seconds

Our Programmes

Annual Girl Guides Camp

This camp sought to allow our girls to step out of their comfort zones to learn skills such as tent-pitching, outdoor cooking, field cooking. They will also engage in activities to build values such as resilience and teamwork.

Girl Guides.jpg2.jpg3.jpg
Guides pitching their tents for our Annual Manjusri Girl Guides CampGreen Canvas tents pitched by our Manjusri Guides 
Our Sec 1 Guide trying her hand at Axemanship during Guides Camp
4.png5.png 6.png
Our Guides cooking lunch under the kitchen shelter they constructed for camp
Our Guides taking turns to serve food to each other during camp
Our Guides eating lunch they cooked during field cooking

World Thinking Day

Our Guides also participated in the WAGGGS annual World Thinking Day where they engaged in activities to build awareness and values to be more proactive about world issues such as sustainability.

GG World1.jpegGG World2.jpeg
GG World6.jpeg
The Guides doing preparatory workVirtual World Thinking DayPatrol Sunflower
GG World3.jpegGG World4.jpeg
GG World5.jpeg
Patrol Morning GloryJasmine PatrolPatrol Hibiscus

East Division Day

East Division Day is a day where Girl Guides from the East Division schools come together to showcase their skills and to take part in friendly competitions in areas such as Gadget Making, Art and Cooking.

Our Guides taking part in mixed media art competition at East Division Day
Manjusri Girl Guides at East Division Day
Our Guides receiving third place for Recycled Toy Making Competition
Our Guides receiving third place at the Cheerleading Competition
Our Guides receiving first place for Mini Gadget Competition
Our Guides at East Division Day Cheerleading Competition

NCC (land)

A National Uniformed Group, the NCC boys unit has been a pillar of strength and the epitome of discipline for the Uniformed Groups in Manjusri Secondary School. The passion of the cadets and the dedication of the officers contributed to the excellent performance of the CCA. With many opportunities provided to the students for leadership training and character development, the cadets are constantly morphing into strong leaders with discipline, enabling them to also prepare for their National Service.

Training Schedule

Monday and Wednesday 3.00pm - 6.00pm

Our Teachers

Teachers-in-charge Email Adddress
 Mr Chan Ze Wei chan_ze_wei@moe.edu.sg 
Mr Bryan Kang  kang_ching_choon@moe.edu.sg
 Ms A'mirah nurul_amirah_mohd_kamal@moe.edu.sg  
Mr Victor Wongwong_chun_meng@moe.edu.sg 
Mr Andrew Ang ang_soon_hock_andrew@moe.edu.sg 

Our Student Leaders

Name Position
Msg Wong Peng Jun Kieran Unit Sergeant Major
Msg Punnoose Gerard Danny Sungduan Assistant Sergeant Major

Our Programmes

School-Related Activities

The cadets undergo regimentation and discipline to prepare them for the assessment to achieve their Sergeant ranks. They will be tested and assessed on Individual Field Craft, Command and Control, Foot and Arms Drills, etc. Students are also involved in various school events such as the Secondary One CCA Orientation and CNY Hamper Project to nurture into empathetic and disciplined leaders.

Training.jpegSec One Orientation.jpegCNY hamper.jpeg
Cadets preparing for training
Secondary One CCA Orientation
CNY Hamper Project

Precision Drill Squad (PDS) & Freestyle Drill (FSD) Activities

Events such as the MJR Jam provide a good platform for the cadets to demonstrate what they have learnt during the trainings such as arms and foot drills, precision and freestyle drills. Always a strong force in any parades, our cadets never fail to impress with their strong sense of discipline and camaraderie.

FSD.jpegMJR Jam.jpegPDS.jpeg

MJR Free-style Drill

Practising hard to put up a good performance for MJR JAM
MJR Precision Drill Squad

Other Highlights

MJR NCC has always pride itself in developing young men into disciplined and dedicated leaders of tomorrow. As such, the cadets had also participated in HQ events such as the NCC 120 Anniversary Tiles to develop themselves further.

Brandon Choo.pngHo Zhe Ming.pngGerard Danny.jpeg
Outstanding Cadet Award: Brandon Choo
Outstanding Cadet Award: Ho Zhe Ming
Participation in NCC 120 Anniversary Tiles: Gerard Danny


To develop our cadets into Caring and Responsible citizens.

NPCC Vision

To Mould the builders of a Safe & Secure home.

NPCC Pledge

We, the members of the National Police Cadet Corps, do here and now solemnly and sincerely pledge that :

  • We will always bear true faith and allegiance to the President and our Republic of Singapore.
  • We will always be loyal and true to our country, our people and the government.
  • We will always be prepared to serve our country and community.
  • We will always preserve the peace and uphold the law.

Training Schedule

Monday and Wednesday 3.00pm - 6.00pm

Our Teachers

Teachers-in-Charge Email Address
Ms Jurana  jurana_abdul_rahim@moe.edu.sg
Ms Candice Lee lee_shi_hua_candice@moe.edu.sg 
 Ms Ericaerica_reyes_rodriguez@moe.edu.sg 
 Mr Hafiz Khanhafiz_emran_khan@moe.edu.sg 
Ms Kok Jia En Yvonnejia_en_yvonne_kok@moe.edu.sg

Our Student Leaders

Unit Cadet Leaders

Name Position
Sergeant (NPCC) Mock Jun Yang (OIC) Oversee Training & Admin
Sergeant (NPCC) Tan Ni Hui  (AOIC) Training Field
Sergeant (NPCC) Merissa Koo (AOIC) Outreach & Administrative
Sergeant (NPCC) Germaine Tan (AOIC) Events Management
Sergeant (NPCC) Evan Huang (AOIC) Logistics

Our Programmes

Adventure Training Camp

Outdoor trainings at NPCC Camp Resilience in Pulau Ubin.

Time for some outdoor cooking.jpg Ferry ride to Pulau Ubin.jpg Rock Climbing.jpg
Time for some outdoor cooking Ferry Ride to Pulau Ubin Rock Climbing
New friendships forged with cadets from other schools.jpg Ready to climb.jpg
New friendships forged with cadets from other schools
Ready to climb!

Camp Craft Training

Training for Inter-Unit Camp Craft Competition.

Camp Craft Training TEAM – Together Everyone Achieve More Tent Pitching.jpg
A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind – Bill Bethel TEAM – Together Everyone Achieve More Tent Pitching
Starting the campcraft process.jpg
Representing Manjusri Secondary in Campcraft competition.jpg
Starting the campcraft process Representing Manjusri Secondary in Campcraft competition

Visits to Police Establishments

Geylang NPC visit.jpeg ICA Visit.jpg Learning more about ICA.jpg
Geylang NPC visit ICA Visit Learning more about ICA
Police Heritage Centre Visit.jpeg Learning more about the history of SPF during our Police Heritage Centre Visit.jpeg Appreciating how ICA keeps Singapore safe.jpg
Police Heritage Centre Visit
Learning more about the history of SPF during our Police Heritage Centre Visit
Appreciating how ICA keeps Singapore safe


The Manjusri Red Fox Scout Group was founded in 1983 and seeks to nurture scouts who uphold the motto of ‘Be Prepared’ at all times.

Training Schedule

Every Monday and Wednesday 3.00pm - 6.00pm

Our Teachers

Teachers-in-Charge Email Address
 Mr Lee Zhong Shun lee_zhong_shun@moe.edu.sg
Mr Shuai Dong Xing shuai_dongxing@moe.edu.sg
 Mr Nabilahmad_nabil_ahmad_al-kastalani@moe.edu.sg 
 Mr Nur Hakimnur_hakim_alim_salim@moe.edu.sg

Our Student Leaders

Patrol LeadersLim Xun Ying
 Matthew Ng Ying Jie
Wong Yu He Julian
Lim Jor Jin
Tang Jing Yang
Nicolas Ng Jia Le

Lew Bo Rui
Assistant Patrol LeadersKieran Lim Jiang Ying
Lee Kai Ge Achilles    
Gay Siaw HungTan Wei Wen, Kaven

Our Programmes

Founders’ Day

Founders’ Day commemorates the founding of the Scouting Movement. On this day, scouts observe a flag ceremony, reflect on the values of scouting and reaffirm the Scout Promise.

Flag Moment of Silence
Flag Moment of Silence
Flag Ceremony.jpeg The Scout Salute.jpeg The Scout Promise.jpeg
Flag Ceremony The Scout Salute The Scout Promise

National Patrol Camp

The National Patrol Camp is a gathering of all Singapore Scouts Groups to celebrate camaraderie and engage in healthy competition. Scouts undergo challenges that test their scouting skills and at the end of the camp, their efforts are rewarded and their friendship with each other is renewed.

National Patrol Camp Uniform Inspection Living Quarters
National Patrol Camp Uniform Inspection Living Quarters
Pioneering Bonding
Pioneering Bonding

Outdoor Activities
Safety Briefing.jpegQuick photo before the hike.jpegPatrol Leaders taking the lead.jpeg
Safety Briefing Quick photo before the hike Patrol Leaders taking the lead 
Appreciating Nature.jpegExploring Nature.jpegTeacher-Scout Bonding.jpeg
Appreciating Nature
Exploring Nature
Teacher-Scout Bonding