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Clubs and Societies

Buddhist Interact Club

Buddhist Interact Club aims to nurture responsible Youth leaders. Members are given opportunities to learn Buddhist values, acquire leadership and other 21 st century life skills through planning and organising events and taking part in competitions.

Training Schedule

Monday & Wednesday 3pm-6pm

Our Teachers

Teachers-in-Charge Email Address
Ms Alexandra Pang pang_yanfeng_alexandra@moe.edu.sg 
Dr Lim Si Hui  lim_si_hui@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Cheng-Ling Ai Keow ling_ai_keow@moe.edu.sg

Our Student Leaders

Name Position
Sow Hong Zhou Justin Chairperson
Hong Jun Kiat Vice-Chairpersons
Maax Tan Ken Zo Logistics  Leader
Chok Yik Suen Zelia
Wang Xiang Ting
Media and Publicity Leaders

Our Programmes

Dharma Lessons/Talks

1_1_Dharma session.jpg1-2_Meditation.jpeg1-3_Mindfulness Course by Mr Ong Pee Eng.jpeg
Dharma Session Meditation Mindfulness Course by Mr Ong Pee Eng 
1-4_Online Mindfulness Course by Brahm Centre.jpeg1-5_Architecture of Buddhist Temples.JPG1-6_Drawing by Hong Jun Kiat.jpeg
Online Mindfulness Course by Brahm Centre
Architecture of Buddhist Temples
Drawing by Hong Jun Kiat


2-1_Sign Language Song Practice.jpg2-2_Sign Language Song Recording.jpeg2-3_Harmony Game.jpg
Sign Language Song PracticeSign Language Song RecordingHarmony Game
VIA Performance 


3-2_CCA Orientation.jpeg
3-3_Spray Paint on Little Buddha Statue.jpg
 Vesak CelebrationCCA Orientation Spray paint on Little Buddha statue
3-4_Origami Seesion.jpg3-5_CNY Angbao Crafts.jpeg3-6_Discussion.jpeg
Origami Session
CNY Angbao

Chinese Calligraphy

The Manjusri Chinese Calligraphy club was set-up with the aim of embellishing the calligraphic skills in our students. We will foster a wider appreciation and a deeper understanding of calligraphy and its applications through the free interchange of techniques.

Training Schedule

Monday: 3.00pm – 5.00 pm 

Wednesday 3.00 – 5.00 pm

Our Teachers

Teachers-in-Charge Email Address
Mdm Pan Ping pan_ping@moe.edu.sg
Ms Bao Bingqing bao_bingqing@moe.edu.sg

Our Student Leaders

Name Position
Zheng Xuan Chairperson 
Lau Viee Vice – Chairperson

Our Programmes

Chinese Calligraphy Competition

achievement 1.JPGachievement 2.jpgachievement 3.jpg

Sec 1 Orientation
orientation  1.jpgorientation 2.jpgorientation  3.jpg
Our Work

our work  1.pngour work  2.pngour work 3.jpg

Media Club

Have you wondered where the photo montages in presentations come from, how the cool effects in a video are made, or who keeps the mics and audio running during morning assembly? We are the ones creating photo montages and behind the audio and visual coverage of school events.

Hence, Manjusri Secondary School Media Club aims to provide the best audio and visual support for all school events. In line with our CCA motto ‘Ever-readiness’, our AV members are skilled in basic sound mixing and lighting, as well as managing a range of complex equipment setup.

Media Club also provides photography services capturing significant moments on camera.  On top of providing excellent service, our members develop professional work ethics which include discipline, alertness and ever-readiness. Combining the necessary skills acquired, our members become an expert media-handling crew.

As a CCA, we provide support in every way possible to ensure our participants and audience sound-pleasing, visually-stimulating, mesmerising and memorable experiences

Training Schedule

Monday and Wednesday – 3pm–6pm

Our Teachers

Teachers-in-Charge Email Address
 Mdm Tan Hsiao Weytan_hsiao_wey@moe.edu.sg 
Mr Lim Xu Yao lim_xu_yao@moe.edu.sg 
Mdm Rose Binte Ibrahim rose_ibrahim@moe.edu.sg 
Mdm Nur-Muna Bte Mohd Ali nur-muna_mohamed_ali@moe.edu.sg 
 Mr Wong Chun Mengwong_ching_meng@moe.edu.sg 

Our Student Leaders

Name Position
Goh Chiew Hong Chairperson
Muhammad Anaqy Bin Mohamed Zaidi Vice-Chairperson

Our Programmes

Activities and Events

Discussion with CCAs teachers.JPGMedia 1.JPGMedia 2.JPG
Media 3.JPGMedia 4.jpegMedia 5.JPG
Media 6.JPG Media Club managing equipment.JPG  
Media Club training.jpegstudent posing.JPGMedia Club during CCA Orientation.jpeg